Asbury Park is Remodeling! Take Out & Delivery Only - April 15th -19th, 23rd, 29th & Closed - May 6th - 8th.

Cranford’s New Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch Spot: Toast City Diner

“Peace, Love & Pancakes” is the phrase Toast City Diner uses to describe themselves. Truth is, they are much more than that. The restaurant at the corner of South and Walnut avenues has a menu that offers a variety of foods from breakfast staples such as omelettes to gourmet grilled cheese.

Breakfast and Brunch Boom

Toast City Diner has three New Jersey locations — in Asbury Park, Montclair and its headquarters, Red Bank — but is ramping up to stake its claim across the state.

Looking Toward the Future at Toast City Diner

Since 2007 when the first Toast City Diner opened in Montclair, the brand has gained a “cult-like” following. The restaurant’s emphasis on quality food, approachable atmosphere, and fair prices has earned the business a notable reputation. Whether individuals have dined at a Toast or not, it’s a name that consumers remember.

Restaurant review: Toast has reason to boast

Valentine’s Day is to restaurant lovers what Black Friday is to shoppers or New Year’s Eve is to drinkers. It’s amateur night.

It’s often the busiest restaurant night of the year, when people who never go out to eat suddenly decide they must woo their lover, Hallmark-style, and feverishly book a last-minute 5 p.m. reservation in an already overbooked restaurant.

What if, this year, we postpone our intimate celebration for a more relaxed time — the food and service will be better, trust me — and choose instead to woo the other loves in our life? These people deserve a Valentine too — the children, the grandparents, the friends. And what if, instead of white wine and white tablecloths, we took them to a really fun, really nice breakfast?

“Runch” at Toast Montclair: Our First “Worth-It” Brunch without the B

Five minutes away from Toast Montclair, we learned the impossible:  Toast advertises a ridiculously appetizing brunch menu without mentioning that the restaurant is BYOB.  Our brains go into overdrive.  It’s official, we about to attend Runch, brunch without the “B.”  The “B” in brunch referring to booze instead of the beginning of breakfast, clearly.  Don’t get us wrong, we love BYOB.  What we do not love?  Getting blind-sided by a BYOB.  Just give us some warning, people!  Word for the wise:  if a brunch menu does not list its boozey drinks, it probably doesn’t have boozey drinks.

Enter Merit Wines to the rescue.  About a block away from Toast, we were able to pick up a bottle of champagne to pour over some orange juice. Given the usual 30-40 minute wait time for a table, it’s completely reasonable to walk down the street and peruse for your preferred libation.  While we did not take that chance and bought our champagne prior to putting our names in, we are also here to spread some extra words of wisdom (or at least, experience).